Vegan Quesadilla

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What do you call a quesadilla without the queso? I call it an avo-dilla.  Clever, I know!  Sub creamy avocado instead of cheese and enjoy a full belly until your next meal.  Plant-based fats for the win!  This is incredibly versatile, with the ability to incorporate any amalgamation of veggies, beans, salsa, and toppings.

Have a can of chickpeas stuffed in the back of your pantry, but no black beans?  Use that!  No avocado, spring for some store-bought hummus and chuck veggies on top.  This is incredibly versatile when you begin adding and mixing veggies, using exciting new salsas and leftovers you find in your fridge!


  1. Tortilla

  2. Avocado, ripe

  3. Beans of your choice, 1 can drained

  4. Salsa, your choice

First, place a tortilla on a medium-hot pan until one side starts to warm up and brown ever so slightly.  Flip it over.  Then scoop out half of your ripe avocado and mash that little guy down on one half of the open tortilla.  Place beans on top of mashed avocado.  Add any spices you have or want to include!  flip the tortilla over so you have a bona fide quesadilla and let it cook until both sides are crispy to your taste.  Drizzle salsa on top, and voile!

Quesadillas used to be one of my all-time favorites, and a quick easy staple that I could make in a few minutes after a long day of school or work.  It certainly felt like quite the “loss” when I transitioned into a vegan lifestyle.  While it definitely doesn’t taste the same as a cheesy quesadilla, I find that the creamy avocado makes it a beloved staple in my new life anyway.

Once I have tortillas stocked, I also try to turn this into a Caprese Quesadilla sometimes.  Instead of mozzarella and traditional pesto, opt for a vegan pesto (parmesan is typically not vegan, and is in many store-bought pesto sauces) and crumbled tofu or chickpeas.  Chuck in avocado, some fresh tomatoes or basil, and you’ve got yourself one very delicious, and cheeseless, quesadilla!